Toddler Booster Seats – Do You Really Know What Your Options Are?

The safety belts in any vehicle may be totally adequate for adults, but you need need to use the correct toddler booster seats in order to keep your children safe while travelling.

Most states and countries of the world have specific laws which specify the weight, height, and age a child must reach before they can travel using the traditional car safety belt.

There’s so much choice available to you, so looking at your options should make the job easier.

Option 1

Your first choice would be a chair that has no back or sides and relies on the vehicle’s headrest and safety belt to keep you child in position. This type is especially handy if you often use different vehicles, as it is simple to transfer.

In order to use this type of chair your vehicle needs to have suitable seat belts and a headrest to protect your child in the event of an accident.

Option 2

You could go for the high backed option which is secured in place using the vehicle’s seat belt. However it has its own headrest and harness system built into it which secure your child safely in place.

Option 3

Another option would be to go for one of the convertible toddler booster seats. This is often a combination between the high backed version and the chair with no back. Initially you use it as a high backed chair while your child is small. Then as your child grows the back and sides can be removed, leaving only the base to raise your child to the level required.

There are many types of toddler booster seats about so don’t jump in and buy the first one that you see.

Do More Research

Check out toddler booster seats [] online before you buy one.

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